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Traditional mold removal services typically treat the mold you can see in the room where you discovered it.


At Pure Maintenance, we understand that the mold you see is the symptom of a more serious mold problem.

Our unique process allows us to reduce the total mold load in your whole home – what you can see, yes, but also what you can’t!

How It Works

First, we fill your home with a dry vapor proven to reduce the total mold load throughout your home safely.

That means that no matter if you have mold visibly growing on your wall or unseen mold spores floating through your air, you can rest assured that the total amount of mold in your space is at the lowest possible levels.

*Interested in the details? Click here to learn more about the different steps of our world-class process

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We know that when you have mold, you just want to feel safe in your home again.

Don’t settle for treating the symptoms of your mold problem.

Restore the health of your home.

Call Pure Maintenance today!

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