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Expert Mold & IAQ Solutions at the Cutting Edge of Science and Technology

We at Pure Maintenance of SB & SLO proudly provide the Central Coast with evidence-based mold remediation and air purification solutions that address the root of your indoor air quality issues – not just the symptoms.

Here’s how it works.

The Basics

Once we confirm the presence of mold, we use our patented vapor fog technology to decontaminate the air and surfaces within a given space, reducing its total mold load.

After disinfecting every inch of your space using our vapor fog technology, we apply a “protective barrier” on compatible surfaces to prevent new mold spores from finding a suitable place to grow.

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Finally, we check our work by sending test samples to third-party labs who use AI-technology to get reliable results. That way, our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing their space is free from harmful mold and other microbes.

About Our Vapor Fog Technology

We use unique dry-vapor technology to disinfect the air and surfaces throughout a building, ensuring we treat our clients’ entire indoor space. This method is so effective for mold remediation that our post-treatment testing results consistently report zero remaining culturable mold.

The chemical that makes this possible is called peracetic acid (PAA). PAA is only one of eight antimicrobial “actives” labeled “of least concern” on the EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredients List, indicating high confidence in its effectiveness and non-toxic traits. PAA breaks down into water and acetic acid – the same ingredients that make vinegar.

Around the clock protection

We also offer solutions to protect indoor spaces from future microbial overload. Among these are robust air purification systems that work around the clock. When combined with routine maintenance of your home or other indoor space, these systems help ensure that the air you breathe inside remains as fresh as possible.

Below, we provide a more detailed look at our technology and process.

An In Depth Look

We do our best to approach each client’s situation as unique and arrange a remediation plan that suits their needs.

Every step of our approach aligns with standards set by the National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors, or NORMI™, and we use indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists certified by NORMI™ for mold remediation services. These experts will meticulously inspect your property for moisture and visible mold problems. They may also perform thorough air and surface testing depending on your needs.

Water Damage

If your problem includes water damage, we partner with some of the Central Coast’s best water damage mitigation contractors to ensure your water intrusion problem is solved and your space is completely dried out.

This dry-out protocol is a critical first step, as unaddressed moisture problems are among the most common reasons mold and bacteria can flourish indoors. Once dry-out is complete, we bring in a team of experienced cleaners specializing in NORMI sanitation protocols. They perform a deep cleaning to disinfect all surfaces including walls, ceilings, furniture, floors and more.

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More About Disinfection

Once we finish this pre-cleaning procedure, we use our unique vapor-fog process to decontaminate the entire space with peracetic acid (PAA). This decontamination process denatures remaining mold and other microbes in the air and on surfaces.

PAA is one of only eight antimicrobial actives the Environmental Protection Agency includes on their Safer Chemical Ingredients List, where it also labels PAA as “verified to be of low concern based on experimental and modeled data.” That validation sets it apart even among the other chemicals on the EPA’s list. One study of PAA’s antimicrobial properties explores its effectiveness in disinfecting surfaces in kindergarten and school settings, in which it succeeded with 99.7% and 99.3% effectiveness, respectively.

In short, peracetic acid is highly effective and non-toxic. It doesn’t require post-application wipe-downs, and it breaks down to water, oxygen and acetic acid (which is basically vinegar). To read more about PAA’s effectiveness in our applications, click here.

More About Protection

Our disinfection process can take as little as four hours to complete, depending on the size and particulars of a given space. Once finished, we spray a microbiostatic agent onto select compatible surfaces to limit future microbial proliferation. A “microbiostatic agent” inhibits the growth of fungi, algae, and bacteria that cause odors and staining; we use one called GoldShield 5©. Applying GoldShield 5© creates an invisible “shield” upon which these microbes cannot safely exist. Click here to learn more about GoldShield 5© and how we use it.

More About Verification

After completing the first two steps of our process, we perform a final air test to ensure that there is no mold present in your space. This test confirms that your home or workspace is safe to return to, and provides essential documentation for landlords or tenants to present to relevant parties. This documentation serves as proof that the space has been thoroughly tested and cleared of any culturable mold.

Our Commitment to You

We at Pure Maintenance are committed to improving the lives of those we serve. We are at the forefront of mold remediation and indoor air quality improvement, and we believe our unique process is the most effective, affordable, and convenient solution available — our results back that up!

Still, because our approach to these solutions is at the cutting edge, we know how important it is to be transparent about the information and technology we depend on. That is why we try to provide as much helpful, objective information as possible – these include independent studies, summaries of our results, and articles that detail all you need to know about mold and indoor air quality.

We understand how much anxiety one can have when dealing with mold or other indoor air quality issues.

 Getting help for these problems has traditionally been expensive, inconvenient, and inconsistent in outcome.

Let us restore your indoor air quality and your peace of mind with it.

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