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Mold is everywhere, indoors and out

Best practices for mold prevention can help stop mold from growing, but given enough time, mold spores and other airborne contaminants will find their way inside and linger in your air.

For businesses that depend on protecting their clients’ wellness and individuals with extreme mold sensitivities, preventing that mold from growing isn’t enough.

Introducing Perpetualy Pure powered by  

extreme microbial technologies

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Results Backed By Data

Many conventional air filtration systems make a lot of claims and leave you to take their word for it. We at Pure Maintenance back up our work by testing your air quality throughout and after our process to ensure that we actually make a meaningful difference!

Click here to see a few real examples of the differences we’ve made for our clients.

EMT’s revolutionary air purification technology isn’t constrained by the same awkward challenges that limit air filtration, such as a device’s effective operating range or particle sizes smaller than .05 microns.

Relative Size of Particles Infographic

EMT’s technology is scalable to work for buildings of just about any size. It works by “going after” airborne contaminants rather than trying to “capture” them.

EMT’s MAK devices can reduce up to 99.9% of mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs, airborne particles, and more, and are effective on particles more than ten times smaller than HEPA air filters can capture.

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When you combine Perpetually Pure by EMT with our unparalleled mold remediation process, we will guarantee that your space will remain mold-free*!

*"No Mold Guarantee" subject to terms & conditions.

"We had a mold issue in one of our rentals and Skip came by, offered tremendous insight, feedback and recommendations. The service was great: fast and efficient and the cost was very reasonable. His knowledge of all aspects of the issue was deep and he shared that willingly and sent some follow-up articles as well. Very different than any other contractor, all of whom wanted to obfuscate a bit and get you ready for a big bill.
Thanks, Skip!!"

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