The standards for cleanliness in restaurants are high. Dining establishments must meet those standards to pass health inspections and to keep their diners safe. Typical cleaning processes are not enough to meet these standards efficiently, comprehensively, and affordably and those processes do not provide ongoing antimicrobial surface protection. Food processing facilities have used antimicrobial measures for decades, and the Pure Maintenance process brings this technology to your local eateries and provides peace of mind.

The Pure Maintenance process can be done after hours and sterilizes and protects anything the air touches in your restaurant. The process is fast, easy, comprehensive, and non-invasive. Not only will the prominent surfaces such as counters, tables, and chairs be sterilized and protected, but the sides, undersides, and other hard-to-reach areas will be as well. Once complete, you can expect our technician’s weekly visit to provide ongoing ATP testing for random surfaces in your facility, followed by documentation of those readings. This process provides peace of mind like no other method available.

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