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We Are A Realtors Best Friend!

Discovering mold in a home can kill your sale if left untreated! We at Pure Maintenance can completely solve your mold problem.

We are the best at what we do:

Our remediation process decontaminates the whole space, and our air purification technology continuously reduces mold and other contaminants, so you and your clients can feel confident you are choosing a property with high quality air and sanitary surfaces.

  • Our process is fast, so escrow won’t be delayed!

  • Our process is often demolition-free

  • Our solutions are family, pet, food, and plant-safe!

  • We can document ZERO culturable mold anywhere in the space post-treatment.

  • Our technology solves a variety of indoor air quality problems, not just mold!

  • Unlike many other companies, we use certified indoor air quality and mold experts!

Dont Wait! Save Your Sale!

Call us today to schedule your mold inspection and learn more about how we can save your sale!

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