The Pure Maintenance process protects your space from mold and other bacteria and germs.

Disinfection and Sterilization

Using the same technology that denatures mold, Pure Maintenance uses its patented two-part system to eliminate bacteria and germs and microbes in homes and buildings creating healthier environments.

We begin with the InstaPURE Process using EPA registered SaniDate 5.0. The application process is ultra-penetrating, very thorough and leaves absolutely no residue. Once the dispensing has filled the capacity of the room and has contacted all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for the desired dwell time until all germs are destroyed and confirmed by chemical indicator strips.

Pure Maintenance then begins the second step of the treatment process. The EverPURE Process using EPA registered Goldshield5 is sprayed on all high touch surfaces, leaving no residue and creating a 90 day antimicrobial barrier on those surfaces inhibiting the regrowth of germs, bacteria, pathogens and fungi.

Common Places That We Disinfect


Janitorial services in retail and office spaces cannot effectively and comprehensively sanitize all surfaces, nor can those services protect those surfaces from contaminants.


Gyms across America are filled with people who are trying to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, they are also full of equipment that is constantly being touched and handled. Pure Maintenance has a two-step process solution to protect your gym from bacteria and germs.


Pure Maintenance’s two-part daycare cleaning system will not only disinfect every toy and tabletop, but it will also PROVIDE a barrier against bacteria and germs inhibiting their growth on surfaces.


The standards for cleanliness in restaurants are high. Dining establishments must meet those standards to pass health inspections and to keep their diners safe. Typical cleaning processes are not enough to meet these standards efficiently, comprehensively, and affordably and those processes do not provide ongoing antimicrobial surface protection.


Home disinfection is a task that is difficult to tackle on your own. There are specific dwell times for over-the-counter products that almost never get reached. Scrubbing every square inch of your home may be a nearly impossible task. With our system, it is not only possible but simple.

We offer 90-day protection against

  • Ring Worm
  • MRSA
  • Staph
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
  • H1N1
  • CDiff
  • Anthrax
  • Flu Virus
  • And more…

Are you interested in sustaining your EverPURE protection beyond 90 days?

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Health & Wellness Professionals Recommend Us

Pure Maintenance has been recognized by medical professionals as a significant contributor to the treatment of mold-related illnesses by preventing re-exposure to harmful pathogens in the home after treatment.

Dr. Jeff Wright, Medical Doctor of the Utah Valley Health Clinic, shared the following:

“Like any responsible medical professional, I had my initial ‘too good to be true’ reservations. But after years of seeing the dramatic and measurable difference it has made the lives of our patients, we now recommend their services as part of the care protocol for many of our patients.”

We thank Dr. Wright for his endorsement.

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