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Offices are a problematic space to keep clean. They are full of hard-working employees that may come to work sick, as well as dozens to hundreds of clients that pass through workspaces or retail businesses each day with unknown health situations. Janitorial services in retail and office spaces cannot effectively and comprehensively sanitize all surfaces, nor can those services protect those surfaces from contaminants. The Pure Maintenance sterilization and protection process will.
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The Pure Maintenance process can be done after hours and sterilizes and protects anything the air touches in your office or retail space. The process is fast, easy, comprehensive, and non-invasive. Not only will the treatment handle high-touch surfaces, but it will also sterilize and protect the undersides of desks, walls, doors, door handles, and anything the air touches. Once complete, our technicians will visit weekly and provided documented ATP testing to verify your surfaces’ cleanliness and give peace of mind for you, your employees, and your clients alike.

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