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Conditions of Certification:


  1. Any water damage, leaking, flooding, or compromised building components are identified and remedied/repaired completely before treatment with the Pure Maintenance SB/SLO Perpetually Pure Three-Step Process.

  2. There are no new moisture intrusions: leaks, water damage, leaks in plumbing, floods, consistent and excessively high relative humidity (such as bathrooms without vent fans or windows), roof leaks, etc.

  3. Generally accepted, ongoing cleaning protocols are maintained.

  4. Pure Maintenance SB/SLO treated the space listed above with all three steps of the Pure Maintenance Perpetually Pure Process. [We will confirm successful treatment by providing post-treatment, non-culturable mold test results from an accredited lab.]

  5. Because EMT’s MAK units reduce up to 99% of pathogens within indoor environments and are not designed to keep up with continuous indoor/outdoor air exchanges, residential air exchange rates (open doors and windows) do not exceed the Industry recommended 1-2 air exchanges per hour or 6 hours per day in total.

  6. Each installed inline EMT/MAK unit must have the HVAC fan running regularly.

  7. For wall units, airflow and air currents within the home or space must be sufficient for the effective performance of the unit in treating the indoor air.[Ceiling or floor mount fans accomplish this.]

  8. EMT/MAK unit (s) are continuously operated following the manufacturer’s instructions and remain powered on.

  9. EMT/MAK unit’s cells are maintained and replaced by a Pure Maintenance technician on schedule every two years.

  10. EMT/MAK unit filter cleanings are documented and maintained on schedule every six weeks by a Pure Maintenance technician.