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Mold Inspections and Mold Testing

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Mold inspection and testing are great ways to determine if you have a mold problem and its severity.

Because you don’t have to see mold to have a mold problem, mold testing is sometimes necessary to validate the presence and levels of mold in your home or business space. Mold tests aren’t always required to take action, so we’ll explain the difference between inspections and testing and how to tell which one you need.

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Visual Mold Inspection*


Our inspections include a thorough visual examination of the space, including any attic or crawlspace.*** We will also perform moisture mapping using a high-end moisture meter called a “protimeter” to determine the source of any increased humidity or water damage.

A visual or “abbreviated” mold inspection is a cost-effective way to determine the severity of mold issues on your property. During a visual inspection, our certified mold inspector will check for signs of mold growth, such as visible mold and water damage. Over about an hour, we will examine any visible mold and take moisture readings before recommending a course of action.

When visible mold and water damage exist, we recommend a visual inspection instead of comprehensive mold testing. Visible mold is a good indicator of a bigger mold problem. While testing can provide us with more details, those details don’t typically affect our recommendations for remediation. Inspections cost much less than testing, so we prefer to help our clients save on costs in cases like these!

*An abbreviated inspection is not a full mold inspection. Complete mold inspections are comprehensive and cost about $1,000, taking 4-6 hours to perform. Abbreviated inspections are an excellent method for uncovering and identifying mold problems. While they are often sufficient, they are not exhaustive, and further investigation may be necessary.
**For homes below 2,000 sq. ft.
***If there is an unsafe/unaccessible attic/crawlspace where moisture is suspected, a followup must be scheduled with an additional tech for an additional fee of $349

Mold Tests (Air Spore Trap Testing)


Air Spore Trap Testing 
Mold spores and mycotoxins in the air may make a person sick, so we recommend this test for cases where one suspects they have a mold problem but cannot see any growth. Air spore trap testing will identify the species and quantity of mold and other particulates in the air. While most mold remediation companies only offer one sample, we provide up to six including swab samples, per NORMI standards.

Other (Varies)
We can also provide ERMI, Tape Lift Tests, and bacterial swap testing. The costs of these tests vary depending on property type and size, so please contact us for pricing details.

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Sometimes, there is no visible sign of mold, or the visible mold is hiding out of reach, like in an inner wall cavity not covered in an inspection. Alternatively, if you are buying or selling a home, you may wish to have independent lab reports available for the sales process. Or perhaps you are a renter who needs a report to demonstrate the problem to your landlord.

In cases like these, signals of your mold problem may include:

  • Unexplained health problems, especially with symptoms that worsen when you are in the space. Click here to learn more.
  • A history of water damage.
  • An unexpected, musty odor.
  • Elevated relative humidity.
  • You are being treated for mold sickness, and your medical practitioner recommends identifying the source of exposure.

If you’ve found mold in your home, a visual inspection is probably sufficient to determine a course of remedial action. If you suspect you have a mold problem but haven’t found any, or if you need independent lab reports, you may prefer mold testing.

Whatever your needs, we at Pure Maintenance are ready to serve.

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