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Has the recent flooding affected you? We can help.

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In more ways than one, heavy rain and flooding has wreaked havoc on Southern California homes.

Heavy rain isn’t common on the Central Coast, but when it hits, it hits hard. Between the elevated humidity, soil saturation, and damage to one’s home, seeking out help can quickly become overwhelming.

These are the top three things to keep in mind if the recent heavy rains have left you needing water damage restoration.

Relative Humidity:

An increase in relative humidity (RH) makes mold more likely to grow. Large amounts of rain and flooding can cause RH to increase, making it critical to act quickly to prevent mold and other water damage!

Damp Rising

Water oversaturation of the soil surrounding your home can lead to water damage and mold problems, especially where grading is too high or drainage is inadequate. Excess water wicks up your home’s foundation, stucco, floors, and walls, causing water damage and encouraging mold growth.

Previous Unchecked Home Damage

Some kinds of household damage may go unnoticed until it rains. Leaks, drafty doors and windows, stucco damage and more are common discoveries after heavy rain. These problems lead to elevated moisture and the introduction of foreign mold spores to your indoor space, which in turn leads to water damage and mold growth.

We are proud to partner with these companies to offer robust and comprehensive water damage abatement services throughout the Central Coast.

Santa Barbara, California

License #961042

Paso Robles, California

  License No. 450729

Solvang, California

License No. 406657

Here Is How We Can Help

*Service needs vary depending on each unique situation.

1. De-Humidification

We will ensure that any rise of moisture in your space will be brought back down to regular, safe levels.

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2. Moisture Monitoring

Throughout our process, our certified mold inspectors diligently monitor everything from relative humidity to containment management to ensure that the restoration of your space is as thorough and effective as possible.

3. Remediation

We are the Central Coast’s premier mold remediation experts! We carefully follow industry mold removal standards, including use of containment barriers, air scrubbing, surface decontamination and more. Where necessary, we also repair and rebuild damaged building components.

4. De-Contamination

Our proprietary technology decontaminates your space everywhere the air touches, including the air!  This is critical to our process, because mold and its byproducts exist throughout your space, not just where you can see it. Our two-step vapor fog process denatures mold and other harmful contaminants wherever they are, including on your belongings. We’re so confident, we guarantee no culturable mold post-treatment.

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