How The EverPURE Process Works

The second step is the EverPURE process using Goldshield, which uses reactive silanes as an antimicrobial barrier that protect surfaces from microbial growth. This EPA registered antimicrobial treatment protects surfaces for 90 days, leaves no residue, and cannot be washed off or wiped away. In essence, because of the molecular structure, the EverPURE process leaves a “bed of nails” on all surfaces whereby a microbe coming in contact dies on contact. Treated surfaces become resistant due to both the biostatic repulsions of microorganisms to the surface, and the highly charged cationic density and physical attraction.

  • Pre-cleaning is required before any dry-fogging treatments. Surface cleaning to remove particulate (such as dust, grime, etc.) is necessary to be effective for dry fogging.
  • Once the EverPURE process is complete, continue with your standard cleaning protocols of surfaces to avoid a buildup of particulate and ensure the barrier’s effectiveness is maintained.

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