A revolutionary process to eliminate mold spores and other pathogens,
bacteria, microbes throughout your home or building quickly, effectively and efficiently.

The Future of Mold and Pathogen Remediation

dry fog diagram

Dry Fog (Our Patented Technology)

Smaller droplets rebound from surfaces creating a vapor. The vapor, as well as the fumes, create an inescapable environment for mold and other pathogens.

wet fog diagram

Wet Fog or Ozone (Other Technology)

The larger droplets burst and create wet surfaces, like rain. The larger particle size also creates gaps in molecular coverage and leaves a residue

Why choose our Mold and Pathogen Removal Process?

More Effective

Using the patented Dry Fog technology, Pure Maintenance can fill up the entire volume of space within a building with an EPA registered sterilant that removes bacteria, germs, and mold from surfaces. It denatures spores and removes airborne pathogens. The process is so effective, we guarantee our results. The air in your home will be safer and more healthy than the air outside by the time we are done.

More Affordable

Because of the new technology used by Pure Maintenance, we can perform jobs faster and without the unnecessary costs of replacing walls and carpet carpet if they were not structurally compromised by excessive water damage. Without unnecessary demolition costs, this allows you as the customer to spend less. Pure Maintenance provides comprehensive mold inspection and reporting and free estimates.


Old remediation methods can take weeks to get mold levels back to satisfactory levels in a single room, not to mention the rest of the home or building space. Once that process is over, you begin the painstaking labor of rebuilding everything that was torn out. With Dry Fog technology, the entire problem from start to finish can be taken care of in as little as 4 hours (assumes no damage to structural integrity of the building components).

Less Invasive

Our treatment process can be accomplished in as little as 5 hours for a 3000 square foot home and unless the structure has been compromised, does not require demolition.

What Sets Us Apart


Dry Fog Technology

Dry Fog technology is what sets Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties apart from from other mold remediation options. Tiny particles of a dry fog fill the capacity of your home or office, denaturing all mold cells and germs on any surface the air touches in the space. The patented micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating denaturing any mold or bacteria and germs present. The Pure Maintenance process incorporates the same world-class technology employed by the bio-pharma and bio-tech industries to disinfect their facilities.


Post application, our products are food-surface contact safe and require no rinsing per EPA registered product labeling instructions.


We provide pre-treatment air-spore sampling, and post-treatment air-spore verification of mold remediation. Additionally, we provide follow-up ATP testing and documentation.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee no new mold for one year post treatment, provided no new moisture intrusion during that time.

*Pre-cleaning is required before any dry-fogging treatments. POST TREATMENT Surface cleaning to remove particulate (such as dust, grime, BIOFILM etc.) should remain a best practice in your building space.

The Two-Step Process

STEP 1: The InstaPURE™ Process

The first step of Pure Maintenance’s two-step process is called the InstaPURE process. This is a powerful disinfectant process that destroys mold and pathogens throughout your space. The process reduces the mold-load to nearly zero and kills all pathogens so you can breathe a healthy sigh of relief. The InstaPURE process is such a strong and effective disinfectant; it disinfects any surface it touches.

How The InstaPURE Process Works

STEP 2: The EverPURE™ Process

The EverPURE process using Goldshield 5 is step two of the Pure Maintenance mold remediation and pathogen disinfecting process. Goldshield 5 is sprayed on surfaces within your space, and as a microbiostatic agent it inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which causes staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae. Once applied, this antimicrobial treatment provides 90-day protection.

How The EverPURE Process Works
us army corps engineers
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US Army Corps of Engineers Tests The Pure Maintenance System

Learn how this unique dry fog system stood up to the rigorous tests put forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

*The following document is presented as published for the reader’s research purposes. None of the data or studies presented are to be an interpreted as an endorsement by the authors or organizations.


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