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Clients We Have Helped!

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We discovered mold in our apartment bathroom, and after many tried and failed attempts to solve the problem with our apartment complex, we decided to reach out to a professional to confirm our concerns. That's when we connected with Skip. Not only was he helpful, but he was so informative and reassuring after hearing our situation. He soon after helped us discover that although we did have mold growing in our bathroom, that it was non-invasive and it could be easily resolved. Thank you!

Sean M.

Skip and his cleaning crew make a LIFE changing difference!

My families home was in need of extreme help. I would walk in and immediately have a highly allergic reaction to the environment. She is a single parent with three children, dogs, chickens- you name it. Herself and children were all experiencing issues which I believe had to do with the air and cleanliness quality.

I did not know what to do to help, but somehow I landed Pure Maintenance crew's information. I called, and Skip came myself and my mom. He tested for mold, and thoroughly explained to us why this type of testing and proper disinfecting is so important. He is extremely passionate, can answer in clear detail any questions you have, and is a GENUINE, kind person who wants to help and knows he can. After convincing my mom to make a much needed change for the health and wellbeing of herself and my siblings, she agreed to have the Pure Maintenance team come in and clean, disinfect, and install a system that would help maintain air quality 24/7.

The home now looks like it's removed 10 years of damage (quite literally as it was in very bad condition). They cleaned everything in detail, including floors. I can walk into the home with no issues, and it has made the BIGGEST difference in their lives as well, in so many ways. I cannot be more grateful for their support, patience, and top-quality service.

THANK you Skip & team, you are truly angels!

Moriah A. - Santa Barbara

My experience with Pure Maintenance was great...They were prompt with their service and very understanding of our needs.

Bryan Young

Fantastic experience. Loved the service they provided, my house has never felt so fresh! They were professional, quick and very reasonably priced. I would recommend them all day long.

Raphael Harris

Pure Maintenance was awesome to work with as they addressed all of my extensive concerns and really put my mind at ease that I was making the best choice in dealing with our mold problems. The process was so simple and required no disruption to our lives beyond a couple of hours away from our home. It is a much better option in every way compared to traditional remediation. The results were immediately noticeable. I am so grateful! Thanks, Pure Maintenance!

Stephanie Reynolds

Pure Maintenance was an awesome experience. They came on time, performed the service, and killed my mold. The price was fantastic. They were less than half what the other mold remediation companies quoted me and I didn’t have to rebuild. I was worried about asbestos in my older home but found out it didn’t matter because of their noninvasive, nondestructive procedure. I would recommend this company to anyone. This is the future of mold remediation. So dope.

Ethan Annis

5 stars is not a high enough rating for this company! Prior to having them come into our home for treatment, our mold test results came back higher than the previous remediation company had ever seen. The counts were too high for the machines to read. We had to evacuate the house because we were all sick. Additionally, we got a $15,000 bid from the previous remediation company, which was more than our insurance would cover. Then we found Pure Maintenance. When I called and spoke with Mike, he was very informative on not only the process they would go through, but on the nature of mold and the chemistry behind killing it. They guaranteed clean mold tests. They came out to do the treatment in a timely manner. They worked on my home in an investigative like manner, until the mold tests came back clear and we were able to safely come home. It was a big job, and they never complained or gave up on it. I am now living in my home again feeling great! I can’t thank them enough for giving me a safe home to live in again. You will not regret using this company, and at only a fraction of the cost with much, much better treatment and service!! Truly an answer to our prayers!”

Stephanie Pope

We were very impressed with this company. They were knowledgeable, prompt, and the service tech was a super nice guy. We would highly recommend this company.

Kendi Ostermiller

This is the company to use - plus they give a guarantee on their work and product. In my 30 plus years in building maintenance I have never found a company this good. THANKS for getting my home where it needed to be.