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Testing for Mycotoxins Shouldn't Be So Hard

Get answers quickly and easily with Brandy Zender

Many medical labs require a prescription from your doctor before they send you a testing kit. Brandy Zender provides consultation services that equip you to quickly identify if you have mycotoxins in your body without the hassle of navigating prescriptions or insurance.

If all you want is blood testing, Brandy can also facilitate that process! Click the link below to learn how Brandy Zender can help you.

Consultation & Test Facilitation - $429

Only need a test done? Click below to have Brandy facilitate the process of Mycotoxin testing with you. She will manage the process of the test being shipped to you and will update you on the results as they come in.

Mycotoxin Test Facilitation - $315

Questions? Concerns? Want to book a mold inspection/mold testing? Call us today!

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