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Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County is part of the Master Clean USA Inc. family of companies and is licensed by Pure Maintenance Corporation out of Utah. Our company has been serving the Santa Barbara County area with excellence since 1993. Our goal is to be your one trusted source for every cleaning service requirement you might have and the addition of Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County is just one more step towards reaching that goal for our clients and our community. Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County provides efficient, comprehensive, safe, and affordable pathogen and mold remediation services with unsurpassed technology and excellence at every touchpoint.

The Pure Maintenance patented dry fogging system provides proven advanced technology

The Pure Maintenance patented dry fogging system provides proven advanced technology and highly effective solutions for viruses, bacteria, and mold disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing. The first step of the two-step Dry Fog process will sterilize and disinfect via a hospital grade sterilization protocol killing all pathogens in and on the building/facility surfaces and in the air. The delivery mechanism ensures that any surface that the air touches will be disinfected and sterilized and ensures superior efficacy compared to manual or wet chemical disinfecting applications. Required critical dwell times cannot be achieved, nor can all spaces be addressed comprehensively, with manual or wet methods.

Step 1: The sterilization process

The Pure Maintenance Dry Fog System utilizes a peracetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide-based proprietary chemistry developed for optimized biocidal efficacy. The peracetic solution (PAA) employed is classified as an EPA cold sterilant. Hundreds of biopharma companies worldwide use the same process for clinical sterilization of their facilities. The reason for the excellent and rapid antimicrobial effects of PAA is its specific capability to penetrate the cell membrane. Once inside the cell, PAA plays a role in denaturing proteins, disrupting cell wall permeability, and oxidizing sulfhydryl and sulfur bonds in enzymes and other proteins. The end products of peracetic acid oxidation are acetic acid (vinegar) and water. The process of denaturing occurs in under 10 minutes for 99.999% of pathogens.

Step 2: The EverPURE antimicrobial process

The second application is the EverPURE process, which uses reactive silanes as an antimicrobial barrier that protects surfaces from microbial growth (i.e. bacterial, fungal, viral, and subsequent biofilm formation) for 90 days. These surfaces become resistant due to both the biostatic repulsions of microorganisms to the surface, and due to the highly charged cationic density and physical attraction.

After Services: What you can expect now

Treated buildings require daily cleaning protocols to remove bio debris and particulate build-up for the antimicrobial treatment to remain efficacious. Facility, safety, and infection control managers trust the Pure Maintenance two-step Dry Fog system to provide a six-log kill rapidly and effectively (99.9999%) of microbial, fungal, and bacterial contamination.

*This process denatures viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens on any exposed surface in a building but cannot prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria from person-to-person contact. Strict adherence to CDC protocols is paramount in helping prevent person-to-person contamination.

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