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Case Study

Pure Maintenance restores rental property to ZERO culturable mold

In this case, renters suspecting they were experiencing mold sickness hired us to perform mold tests, hoping to validate mold as the cause of their health symptoms. We conducted thorough air and surface sampling, the results of which revealed elevated levels of Aspergillus/Penicillium exceeding the NORMI standard. Additionally, we identified the presence of some zero-tolerance mold species, including Stachybotrys (black mold) and Ulocladeum.

We also identified some moisture issues within the space. The property manager was very responsive, and although the tenants eventually decided to move, the landlord, understanding the severity of the situation, covered the costs of decontaminating the tenants’ belongings using our highly effective vapor fog process.

After addressing the moisture issues and making necessary repairs, the property manager reached out to us for clearance testing, hoping that all the tear-outs and renovations had effectively eliminated the mold. Despite cleaning and running negative air scrubbers for an extended period, the subsequent air testing still identified traces of toxigenic mold.

In light of these findings, the property manager elected to proceed with our comprehensive two step decontamination process.

Our process yielded zero culturable mold, providing a new, mold-free baseline for prospective new tenants.

To see the pre-treatment indoor test results, click here.

To see the post-treatment indoor test results, click here.