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Case Study

Returning Client Hires Pure Maintenance to Eliminate Mold in Tenant’s Apartment

In this case, a returning client, an Isla Vista property manager (for whom we previously remediated a unit with a rising damp mold problem), asked us to test a neighboring unit whose tenants were worried about similar issues. 

Initial air spore trap testing indicated elevated mold levels, including the marker molds Ulocladium, Scopulariopsis, and high levels of Aspergillus/Penicillium. Marker molds can be especially hazardous, so upon receiving these results, our client moved the tenants into a hotel for the duration of the remediation process for their well-being.

Fortunately, while some building repair was necessary, we did not have to remove as much drywall or other building components as in the other unit, and we were able to dehumidify the affected space to adequate levels relatively unobtrusively.  We performed our unparalleled decontamination process before repairs to make sure the affected building components were treated before they were resealed.

Once repairs were finished, we followed up with post-treatment testing, which returned reporting ZERO culturable mold in the unit!

To see the pre-treatment indoor test results, click here.

To see the pre-treatment outdoor test results (control), click here.

To see the post-treatment test results, click here.