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Case Study

Pure Maintenance Restores 3000 sq. ft. Home to ZERO Culturable Mold After Water Damage

In this case, our client called following January’s big storm surge. Excessive water entered their finished basement due to drainage issues.  He extracted the water but noticed what appeared to be mold on the tile and walls.

Our certified inspector immediately noticed a musty smell upon entry. Moisture mapping indicated saturated walls and visible mold. We recommended the area be contained and that they not occupy the space. We did not perform air spore trap mold testing, as there was observable fungal growth and significantly elevated moisture readings. These symptoms are sufficient to assume elevated mold levels safely, and they also typically indicate damp, water-damaged building components.

Our licensed general construction team removed walls throughout the affected areas, removed carpeting and damaged cabinetry, and repaired drainage issues. Then, we began the dehumidification process.  Once moisture levels were adequate, we performed surface decontamination and the team rebuilt the space.  

Finally, we performed our vapor fog decontamination process throughout the whole home. Post-treatment mold test results demonstrated that zero culturable mold existed, not only in the basement,  but anywhere within the 3000 sq. ft. property.  This result is critical because mold spores are never limited to the area with water damage. Unlike other remediation companies, Pure Maintenance treats the whole environment to ensure optimal indoor air quality and to inhibit mold’s regrowth anywhere in the building.

To see the post-treatment mold test results, click here.