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Case Study

Property Manager Hires Pure Maintenance to Restore Water and Mold Damage from Leak in Ceiling

In this case, our client, a property manager, brought us in to investigate a tenant complaint concerning a possible leak in the ceiling above her kitchen which was also causing her to worry about mold. Upon examination, we discovered that the moisture levels in the ceiling indicated total saturation, affirming that an ongoing leak likely existed.

Our licensed construction team opened up the ceiling and we created a containment barrier with a negative air machine. The construction team found the framing had become saturated with water and visible fungal growth. We called in a plumber to identify the source of the water intrusion, which they determined to be a leak in the upstairs unit’s bathroom.  The plumber repaired the leak and we began dehumidification.

Because the mold was visible, we did not perform initial mold testing. Visible mold reliably indicates elevated mold levels in the space, so forgoing initial testing saves our clients money. Once moisture levels were adequate, we decontaminated the ceiling cavity and made the necessary repairs (all within the containment area).

Following the repairs, we performed our decontamination process. Because mold spores aren’t ever contained within the affected area, we make sure to both decontaminate and protect the entire space, something many other mold specialists fail to do. As is typical with our process, post-treatment lab tests demonstrated zero remaining culturable mold. 

To see the post-treatment test results, click here.