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My Local School district and specifically our local High School and Middle School delayed the start of the 2022/23 school year for 10 days due to a significant mold issue caused by a broken boiler. Extreme Microbial Technologies and RAM Restoration were brought in to remediate the mold and clean up the school. The remediation process included: • Immediately deploying EMT’s air purification technology during the entire remediation process. • Removing and replacing all ceiling tiles in the school. • Cleaning walls and shampooing carpets. • Taking daily air samples / cultures to validate the remediation process and mold removal. EMT’s technology was the primary driver in quickly remediating the mold and reducing the microbial contamination throughout the environment and on any surfaces. Without the technology, the remediation process would have been more extensive and time-consuming. Once the remediation process was completed, we conducted additional air samples/cultures to confirm the mold was removed in all areas. We could not safely open the schools until we verified there was no mold and that the indoor environment was safe for our students and staff. Finally, to maintain a healthy indoor air/surface environment as well as prevent a return of the mold and any future issues, the Local School Board made the decision to install EMT’s inline and wall units throughout the entire high school, middle school, cafeteria, and athletic facilities. The installation was completed during the remediation process and the units have been operational since the beginning of school. Periodic third-party lab testing and air samples continue to validate that the technology is working properly. Except for two small, isolated locations (currently being addressed by EMT), the lab reports indicate a clean, safe environment. The technology is working as expected and we are pleased with the results.

Sam I.