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Unlike our typical clients who hire us to solve known mold problems or because of severe discomfort living in their homes, these clients brought us in to invest in good indoor air quality and prevent future problems.

These houses were both relatively new – about five years old – so this was a unique opportunity to work in environments with the best air quality one could hope for in a home not using air purification technology.

Indeed, despite the houses’ relative newness, our initial baseline tests revealed microbial contamination in the millions per cubic meter! We installed a MAK Inline-14 in each. We tested Client 1’s air after running the MAK for just four hours, and those numbers fell by as much as 96%.

We tested Client 2’s air after running the MAK for just twenty-four hours:

At the end of it all, we believe numeric reductions are meaningless if our clients don’t notice a difference. Given that these homes were relatively new and weren’t suffering an acute mold problem, you might expect little change in their experience. We are excited to report that our clients did notice a difference and are thrilled!

Client 1 told us that she noticed within 4 hours of installation that her sinuses were clearing up, and she said that by the next day, she was breathing better. Until then, she hadn’t even realized she was suffering from a sinus problem!

Below is additional feedback from the clients we have since served at Robson Ranch:

“We feel the purifier has made the allergy issues better. We really don’t feel the fan needs
to be running all the time. We’re just experimenting with how we want to use it. Currently
starting the fan after dinner and it runs all night and into the a.m. A little chilly here yet to
open windows and doors, at least for us, and the furnace runs occasionally to warm things
up. The biggest bonus for me is not waking up with a headache every morning. We both
feel some relief from allergens. Bonus also- it has lessened the visual dust levels inside…just
can’t argue with that from my perspective. We are pleased thus far with our purchase.”
Judy G.

“Thank you for the follow-up note. Yes, I am seeing improvement in my allergies, about 30%
better. It took about a week before a noticeable improvement. I am believing that after 2-3
months I will be closer to 90-100%!”
Joanne P

“Had mucous/coughing fits every morning which have stopped.”
Steve B.

“We both think that the air is cleaner and we are satisfied.”
Dwight J.