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Case Study

Property Management Company hires Pure Maintenance for Mold & Water Damage Across Multiple Properties

In this case, a major local property management company brought us in to solve mold and water damage problems across several of their properties.

Leaks in bathrooms at two different properties required a tear out of the bathroom walls, dehumidification of the space and total decontamination at the end of it all. In both cases, elevated mold levels in the environment precipitated visible mold problems in the bathrooms.
We partner with trusted contractors to whom we subcontracted for the demolition and rebuild. We dehumidified the space and decontaminated both homes in their entirety for mold. 

Independent lab reporting post-treatment revealed no culturable mold remained. The client was able to use us as their single source to solve the leak, the building repair, and the mold remediation.  Our total ownership of the project gave them peace of mind and freed them up to reassure their tenants, instead of needing to manage multiple contractors.

To see the post-treatment report, click here.