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Case Study

Paso Robles client requests decontamination of belongings during move

In this case, a client was moving from their Northern CA home, which had suffered water damage and became a dangerously moldy environment. They were most interested in possibility of decontaminating their belongings so that they wouldn’t contaminate her new home with mold from the previous, moldy environment.  She and her pets were suffering significant health symptoms as a result of their mold exposure, and it was critical to their recovery that they end their exposure to harmful mold.

The client had already thrown out many of her contaminated possessions, but she owned clothing, a piano, and several other belongings that were special to her and which she hoped to save. We were exactly the right company for this job!

She moved her items into the new home, and we performed our robust vapor fog decontamination process that eliminates all mold on anything the air touches. Because our process is safe for all materials, she would have peace of mind that her treasures would be mold-free and undamaged by the decontamination process.

To see the post-treatment mold report, click here.