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Case Study

Our Mold Remediation Process Saves Home Sale

In this case, our client, a Goleta homeowner in the process of selling their home, nearly lost the sale of their house to the existing buyer upon the disclosure of mold issues and previous water damage. There was also visible mold in the garage that had gone unaddressed. 

The client contacted us because his realtor was familiar with our work and knew our mold remediation process was the only chance to remove the mold and save the sale. We are the only company that can provide independent lab testing proving that our process eliminates mold problems (by denaturing all mold spores and yielding “no culturable mold” results).

Preliminary mold testing revealed elevated mold levels inside the home, including marker molds and hyphal fragments that indicate active mold growth. The indoor mold levels were slightly higher than the outdoor environment, which we tested as a baseline. We also discovered Stachybotrys (black mold) indoors but not outdoors. Our certified mold inspector surveyed the home and found moisture issues at the toilet (the wax ring was failing), windows, and a potential plumbing leak. The homeowner made the recommended repairs, and our team performed a surface treatment of the visible mold in the garage and our vapor fog treatment.

Post-treatment lab results returned two days before escrow closed, and because the results demonstrated zero culturable mold remaining within the space, the sale closed. We saved another home sale and provided the new owners with a mold-free environment.

To see the outdoor (baseline) test results, click here.

To see the pre-treatment indoor test results, click here.

To see the post-treatment indoor test results, click here.