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Case Study

Goleta Landlord Brings Us In To Eliminate Mold from Storms

black mold exposure sytmptoms

In this case, a Goleta landlord brought us in to quickly respond to her tenants complaint of visible mold following recent storms.  

Our tech performed an initial inspection, including moisture and relative humidity readings. The space was cold and had high relative humidity, causing condensation that, thanks to elevated levels of existing, unseen mold spores, allowed mold to grow and become visible on the window sills, behind the toilet, on the floors, and under furniture.

We immediately began dehumidifying the space and scheduled a full decontamination, which would include surface wipe downs to remove visible mold throughout the space.  We explained to the tenant that the process would decontaminate the space and everything in it, including their belongings, the beds, furniture, and more.

As usual, independent lab reports on our post-treatment testing revealed no culturable mold, indicating that the space was free of harmful mold.

To see the posts-treatment lab report, click here.