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Case Study

Goleta Couple Buys New Home with Elevated Mold Levels

In this case, our client, a Goleta couple, contacted us to perform mold testing after placing an offer on their dream home. They told us that the wife had significant mold sensitivities, so good test results were a contingency for purchase. Preliminary testing revealed elevated mold indoors, including hyphal fragments (which indicate active mold growth) and marker molds, including Stachybotrys (black mold), Ulocladium, and Scopulariopsis.

We found no evidence of moisture issues or past water damage, nor did we discover visible mold except on the inner panes of one window that appeared to be failing. We told the client that with our process, we would eliminate all mold from the house and that our air purification systems, if installed, would continuously reduce mold accumulation in the future. Our elite decontamination process allows us to provide “no culturable mold” reports from independent labs following our treatment.

We provided an estimate for them to take to the sellers to negotiate the requested repairs and treatment before the sale closed. The sellers were wary and decided to perform their own mold testing, which verified our initial air spore trap results. 

Because we can guarantee the elimination of all culturable mold with our unparalleled remediation process, the couple decided to proceed with the purchase. Our partner contractors replaced the moldy window, and we verified with moisture mapping that there was no undiscovered moisture problem. We then treated the home and installed a MAK air purification system. As promised, post-treatment lab results verified no culturable mold. Thanks to the air purification system we installed, the couple could be confident that their home’s indoor air quality would remain good.

For the outdoor baseline test results, click here.

For the indoor pre-treatment test results, click here.

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