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Case Study

Client Overjoyed after Years of Mold Sickness

In this case, our clients’ (a couple) home had previously suffered water damage that had been remediated using conventional methods.

Despite this, the client felt sick while in their home and was suffering significant mold-related symptoms even while being treated for mold sickness. Upon recommending our unique process, we were told that we were their last hope or they were going to have to sell their home.  There was no visible mold and no one else seemed to know what to do. Air spore trap testing indicated significant levels of invisible mold that we believed to be the cause of the clients’ symptoms. After a thorough inspection, we determined that there must still be mold in the same areas previously remediated, but out-of-sight within the walls and in a crawl space near the garage.

Following our remediation, post-treatment clearance testing clearly demonstrated significant reductions in all areas compared to pre-treatment tests, indicating the space was much improved. Upon following up with the clients, she confirmed that her symptoms had been much reduced and that she could live comfortably in her home, but she was still experiencing lingering symptoms from 10 years of mold-sickness – these included fibromyalgia-like symptoms, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and joint pain, among others.

Approximately nine months after our work with this client, we partnered with EMT to offer a line of groundbreaking air purification systems that work around the clock to keep mold and other harmful microbes as low as possible. We immediately thought of this client and offered them a demo-unit on a trial basis. We performed BAMs bioaerosol testing to get baseline readings and then installed a portable MAK 9 into her master bedroom. 

At 7:30 a.m. the next day, our inspector received a text from the client exclaiming:  “When can we install the system! This is the first time I have slept through the night without needing pain pills or sleeping aid, and I woke up feeling like dancing.”  When our tech arrived to take new  BAMs readings, she met him at the door and gleefully explained that her joint pain was gone. Her husband told our inspector: “I don’t care how much it costs – I haven’t seen her like this in years and years.”

Readings on the post-treatment BAMS tests showed significant reductions in most bandwidths for biologics, but they were polluted by two unexpected events. In the first, the clients’ dog had peed in the master bedroom and it had not been cleaned before we took our readings. In the second, the husband had been sanding and woodworking in the garage, the wall of which is adjacent to the master. This was critical data, as it demonstrates the need for continuous air purification – the air and what is in it constantly changes, and without ongoing purification, can become saturated with harmful microbes!

To see the post-treatment BAMs results, click here.

Testimonial from the client:

” I am definitely a skeptic when it comes to health cures, but in trying to

regain my health after mold, I’m willing to try new things. After remediating the house, changing my diet, detoxing, and continued treatment by a mold literate practitioner, I was still having morning stiffness and fibromyalgia-like pain in my muscles and ligaments around my knees. In addition, I would wake up tired and grouchy. I would spend an hour every morning stretching to be able to limber up.

After using the MAK loaner for ONE NIGHT my morning stiffness and

fibromyalgia disappeared. I jumped out of bed with energy, joy, and

flexibility. Oh, and I couldn’t stop dancing. I still have some osteoarthritis, but the stiffness and tightness in the muscles are gone. I am also sleeping better and waking up rested. Even my husband noticed a difference, and he’s more of a skeptic than I am.

The MAK has also seemed to help my teenage daughter. She had really low-energy and high anxiety. Her anxiety seems to be less and she is smiling again. Things that would have been too much for her (like public speaking) she now has the energy to get up and try. It is so good to hear her laughing again and coming out of her room and engaging with others. I feel like the MAK has brought us so much closer to our pre-mold health.

We still have a bit to go but the MAK has provided us with a big leap

forward in our road to recovery. I only wish we had found it sooner.

I am so thankful to Skip and the team at Pure Maintenance for bringing health and hope back to our lives.”