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Case Study

Case Study: Ventura Landlord Seeks Help

A Ventura landlord called us saying that one of their tenants had received a mold inspection and testing that revealed elevated mold levels and moisture issues in their unit.  The landlord wanted to do the right thing and restore the space to a healthy environment.

The tenant moved out and the landlord removed plaster to identify a roof leak and then had us come in and do a visual inspection and discuss next steps.  Our certified mold inspector determined that there was indeed a roof leak that caused the issue, and also helped identify a number of other possible sources of leaks and moisture issues, which may have arisen due to deferred maintenance.  We offered to start the dehumidification process because the wall in question had significantly elevated moisture issues.

The landlord performed his own dehumidification and booked us for our two-step mold remediation treatment.  After we ensured that the moisture levels in the unit were back at healthy levels, we proceeded with our vapor fog process. We followed our service with testing that demonstrated we had successfully reduced the levels of culturable mold to zero! This allowed the tenants to confidently return to a healthy home and for the landlord to provide the county with proof of total mold elimination.

To see the post-treatment lab report, click here.