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Case Study

Case Study: Returning Mold

We received a call from an apartment tenant complaining that mold was growing in their home and kept coming back. They told us that their mold problem was most notable in their bathroom, kitchen, and even on their belongings. They asked if this pattern was normal, and told us that their efforts to get help from their landlord were met with instruction to “clean better”. 

We were able to explain a critical point: Visible mold growth is typically an indication of elevated levels of unseen mold.  The client decided to invest in a mold test so that they could provide objective proof of their mold problem to their landlord.

Our initial air spore trap testing indicated extremely elevated levels of mold, including marker molds (such as black mold), hypha, and levels of allergenic mold in the tens of thousands. This was a serious mold problem and a very unhealthy environment in which to live.

Once presented with the information, the landlord was very responsive and called our office for guidance. We performed a  visual inspection and offered recommendations to prevent rising damp, leaks into the inner wall cavity, and other sources of the indoor moisture that was causing mold growth.  It was critical that they took steps that would limit this water intrusion, or the problem would return. Our recommendations included proper waterproofing of the windows, grading repairs, and more, which the landlord performed while we dehumidified the property in anticipation of our two step vapor-fog mold remediation process.

Following our treatment, culturable air spore trap testing revealed zero culturable mold remained in the previously affected space!

For the pre-treatment test report, click here.

For the post-treatment test report, click here.