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I am definitely a skeptic when it comes to health cures but in trying to regain my health after mold, I’m willing to try new things. After remediating the house, changing my diet, detoxing, and continued treatment by a mold literate practitioner, I was still having morning stiffness and fibromyalgia-like pain in my muscles and ligaments around my knees. In addition, I would wake up tired and grouchy. I would spend an hour every morning stretching to be able to limber up. After using the MAK loaner for ONE NIGHT my morning stiffness and fibromyalgia disappeared. I jumped out of bed with energy, joy, and flexibility. Oh, and I couldn’t stop dancing. I still have some osteoarthritis, but the stiffness and tightness in the muscles are gone. I am also sleeping better and waking up rested. Even my husband noticed a difference, and he’s more of a skeptic than I am. The MAK has also seemed to help my teenage daughter. She had really low energy and high anxiety. Her anxiety seems to be less and she is smiling again. Things that would have been too much for her (like public speaking) she now has the energy to get up and try. It is so good to hear her laughing again and coming out of her room and engaging with others. I feel like the MAK has brought us so much closer to our pre-mold health. We still have a bit to go but the MAK has provided us with a big leap forward in our road to recovery. I only wish we had found it sooner. I am so thankful to Skip and the team at Pure Maintenance for bringing health and hope back to our lives.

Lisa - Atascadero