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Skip and his cleaning crew make a LIFE changing difference!

By August 23, 2022August 25th, 2022No Comments

Skip and his cleaning crew make a LIFE changing difference!

My families home was in need of extreme help. I would walk in and immediately have a highly allergic reaction to the environment. She is a single parent with three children, dogs, chickens- you name it. Herself and children were all experiencing issues which I believe had to do with the air and cleanliness quality.

I did not know what to do to help, but somehow I landed Pure Maintenance crew's information. I called, and Skip came myself and my mom. He tested for mold, and thoroughly explained to us why this type of testing and proper disinfecting is so important. He is extremely passionate, can answer in clear detail any questions you have, and is a GENUINE, kind person who wants to help and knows he can. After convincing my mom to make a much needed change for the health and wellbeing of herself and my siblings, she agreed to have the Pure Maintenance team come in and clean, disinfect, and install a system that would help maintain air quality 24/7.

The home now looks like it's removed 10 years of damage (quite literally as it was in very bad condition). They cleaned everything in detail, including floors. I can walk into the home with no issues, and it has made the BIGGEST difference in their lives as well, in so many ways. I cannot be more grateful for their support, patience, and top-quality service.

THANK you Skip & team, you are truly angels!

Moriah A. - Santa Barbara