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The Pure Maintenance system kills the human coronavirus

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Pure Maintenance Santa Barbara

The EPA N-list updates Sanidate 5.0 as effective against the human coronavirus.

Santa Barbara, CA: Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County, a division of Master Clean USA, in connection with BioSafe Systems, is pleased to announce the formal registration of SaniDate 5.0, known also by its private label name InstaPURE, is effective against the human coronavirus.

Sanidate 5.0 is now included on the EPA’s N-List of COVID-19 disinfectants effective at killing the human coronavirus. Unlike many of the other chemicals on the N-List, Sanidate 5.0 is green, non-toxic, leaves no residue and, due to its chemical composition, is regarded as one of the safest EPA-listed sterilants. The Pure Maintenance patented process of dry-fogging InstaPURE is the most effective and comprehensive method to sterilize the totality of any surface the air touches within a building.

Pure Maintenance’s world-class sterilization process provides residences and businesses with access to a technology used worldwide for decades by the biopharmaceutical industry because of how safely and effectively it reduces the total microbial and viral load of any treated surfaces to nearly zero. Pure Maintenance uses a two-step process to comprehensively sterilize and disinfect your facility, protecting your loved ones, employees, and the general public:

  • Step One: Pure Maintenance’s proprietary InstaPURE dry fog process sterilizes anything the air touches within a treated building, achieving critical dwell times on every aspect of the treated surfaces. These required dwell times cannot be comparably achieved using manually applied wet-chemical disinfectants, because many surfaces, such as student desks, restaurant dining tables, computer keyboards, and office work stations represent obvious challenges which are prone to human error and material compatibility issues.


  • Step Two: Using the same dry fog technology, the EverPURE process with Goldshield (an EPA registered antimicrobial) is applied, creating a completely inhospitable surface environment for microbes (bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses, etc.) for up to 90 days.

Pure Maintenance does not prevent human-to-human contamination, and therefore strict adherence to the CDC social distancing protocols and guidelines should still be followed.

“The addition of Sanidate 5.0 on the EPA N-List is a huge step forward in our ability to support our community’s efforts at overcoming the coronavirus pandemic,” says Master Clean CEO Jessica Jankoski. “Using other methods is like trying to put out a wildfire with a squirt gun; Pure Maintenance is an AirTanker. We are thrilled to position ourselves as Santa Barbara’s best solution for helping businesses who are aiming to reopen quickly and responsibly”.

About Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara

Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County is a member of the Master Clean USA family of companies since 2020. Founded in 1993, Master Clean has consistently set itself apart in its commitment to excellent quality and customer service. Master Clean USA also boasts two other divisions: Santa Barbara Stone Masters, which specializes in natural stone restoration, and Your Home Masters, which specializes in elite home management and housekeeping services.