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So, what actually happens when we fog?

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dry fog

When Pure Maintenance begins the process of treating the space in a building, we fill the building with a dry vapor (fog) of peracetic acid (brand name Sanidate 5.0 (EPA N-List 70299- 19)).

PAA has been tested and used for decades in labs worldwide and is EPA registered as one of the seven safest sterilants. It is the same fog that kills(1) viruses, mold, bacteria, and microbes in hospitals, meatpacking plants, and food processing centers.

The InstaPURE process with Sanidate 5.0 is the top tier of sterilants in both the aqueous and the vapor form, and it is not just Pure Maintenance that makes this claim.

It is common knowledge in the disinfection world that it sterilizes any space safely, fast, and because it is organic, without leaving any residue.

The safety profile and documented efficacy are why hundreds of biopharma companies worldwide have employed this delivery mechanism and PAA chemical for decades to disinfect their facilities.

Pure Maintenance uses dry fogging compared to manual disinfecting and sterilizing with a wet chemical because manual disinfecting with wet chemicals is pre-disposed to human error and material compatibility issues.

What does this mean?


Wet chemical sanitizing will not kill(1) anything airborne.


Dwell times are critical; enough liquid must be dispensed and then must dwell (sit) on the surfaces treated for the specified time (per chemical labeling) to kill(1) what you intend. If you do not do this accurately, you are not effectively sterilizing as you expect.

Our process creates a universal dwell time for every square inch of every surface in a building we treat because of its delivery method.


How can a wet chemical “sit” for minutes on the undersides of student desks, restaurant dining tables, office workstations, and who is going to dispense a liquid for any several minutes on a keyboard?

That is what we mean by human error: did you hit every possible aspect of the total surface(s) with enough liquid for the correct amount of time?

Are you confident you can wet items incompatible with liquids, such as keyboards, telephones, or computers?

Dwell times and material compatibility are critical aspects of effective disinfecting and sterilizing. The undersides of anything are a non-issue with Pure Maintenance, and our process has an excellent comprehensive material compatibility profile.

There is a big contrast in technologies and delivery mechanisms between Pure Maintenance and other services.

These directly correlate to efficacy, and that is the name of the game in the disinfecting and sterilizing world.

We use patented dry-fog technology to introduce 10-15 cubic feet per minute of Sanidate 5.0 at 90 psi.

This method is not a backpack type misting machine or a handheld iron-type mister system. These cannot deliver the volume of sterilant needed to treat anything air touches in any building.

Our process drives the humidity up to 80-90 percent and the parts per million of Sanidate 5.0 to 40 or 50 ppm. At the onset of the fogging process, 90% of the fog is water vapor (still dry at 7.5 microns), and the remaining 10% is InstaPURE.

The magic happens when the water vapor starts to evaporate, and we approach a vapor phase change where 90% of what was water vapor is now 90% PAA, and the remaining 10% is now water vapor. As the InstaPURE process fog flows throughout the space and ultimately gently and safely falls upon all surfaces, it kills(1) any microbe present.

Furthermore, any microbe floating in the air – mold spores, bacteria, viruses, etc., are killed(1) as well.

The Pure Maintenance process is the same for mold remediation.

The vapor hits airborne mold spores, and any growing mold becomes stressed when hit with the fog. When growing mold is in a state of stress, it spores (blooms) as it attempts to survive.

Tests conducted show that, for example, a before test result of 300, when tested during the first few minutes of fogging, could climb to 30,000 or more. This increase demonstrates the potential “pent up” energy in a moldy home.

Because our process effectively reaches anything the air touches, we are attacking all the mold factories, spores, and the entire mold load of the space.

Similarly, when we are fogging for pathogen remediation and disinfecting, we are taking the total microbial presence or activity from whatever it currently is to nearly zero. It is the delivery mechanism, volume of dry fogging, and the magic of the vapor phase change that makes the difference.

No human error, no issues with dwell times on the undersides of anything, every aspect of every surface is universally disinfected and sterilized.

After 45 minutes of establishing a dense fog in the case of mold remediation or within 15 minutes for pathogen remediation (confirmed by chemical test strip indicators), the InstaPURE fog has exhausted all mold or microbial “factories. They are dead and have no sporing or colony-forming unit (CFU) potential.

The space is now sterile.

Your home or facility (school, gym, restaurant, or business) is comprehensively disinfected.

Next, we perform the EverPURE treatment.

Goldshield  is an EPA registered, 3-month antimicrobial surface protectant (EPA registration # 87583-3).

The purpose of the EverPURE treatment process is to make the home or building “inhospitable” to microbes: mold, viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

In a non-treated home or business, mold will float inside from the outdoors and search for moisture so it can grow. Bacteria and other microbes will re-enter a building as well and set up home on any number of surfaces to reproduce.

The key to the EverPURE with Goldshield process and its effectiveness as an antimicrobial protectant is that the nitrogen molecule component has an incredibly strong positive charge to it. Mold and microbial cells have a negative charge to them.

The two attract, and via a mechanical kill(1), Goldshield punctures the microbe’s cell wall and kills(1) it. Imagine a microscopic bed of nails piercing anything that lands on it. The EverPURE treatments last 90 days.

Important to note is that it is a pre-treatment requirement that all surfaces be first thoroughly cleaned. Post-treatment, high-touch surfaces should be routinely cleaned with warm soapy water as part of your infection control program.

This will ensure that the surfaces are free from particulate and biofilm build-up. That way, EverPURE can remain effective in protecting the totality of your space against potentially infectious microbial presence or intrusion.

This protection means you no longer must follow students or customers around throughout the day, disinfecting anything that they touch.

So, there you have it.

The difference between what we do and what you need to consider if using other methods is like trying to put out a wildfire with a squirt gun; Pure Maintenance represents the air tanker.

1. Kill/(s)(ed)- i.e. denature/s all mold spores, mold cells, bacteria, and virus/es.