Mold + Pathogen Removal Protect your family. Protect your business. FIND OUT HOW

Pure Maintenance Mold + Pathogen Removal Protect your family. Protect your business. FIND OUT HOW

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How Does It Work?

Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County

Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County uses a patented FDA approved (safe) and EPA registered (efficacious) process for disinfecting and sterilizing that meets or exceeds CDC guidelines for mold and pathogen removal.

Step 1

We use our top of the line process to thoroughly sterilize and eliminate any mold or pathogens on anything the air touches within your space.
How The InstaPURE Process Works

Step 2

Once your space is sterilized, we come through with an EPA approved, anti-microbial treatment that protects all surfaces for up to 90 days.
How The EverPURE Process Works

90 Day Certificate

All treatments come with a Certificate of Pathogen or Mold Treatment.

1-year guarantee for mold and 90-day protection for other pathogens

About Pure Maintenance of Santa Barbara County

Common Questions

Is Pure Maintenance safe?

Yes. Not only is it FDA and EPA approved and food safe, there is no residue, no poison, no toxicity. The InstaPURE process breaks down to oxygen and water.

Do I have to keep a sanitizing protocol after treatment?

Follow your usual cleaning protocols, including a warm soapy water scrub to remove biofilm and particulate buildup on treated surfaces that can impede the step 2 EverPURE Process antimicrobial protective barrier's efficacy.

Will I have to demo the area affected by mold?

Not unless the structure(s) is compromised by the water damage or the mold infestation, our technology reduces the mold load in any space to virtually zero affordably and without lengthy rebuilding. We also provide a 1-year guarantee that you will have no new mold growth!

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Ready to get started?

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